Small Sketch version 1.8.0 Release: Backup and Restore

Export All Sketches

Add support for backup and restore.
Please use this feature in the case of geting a new android device.

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Small Sketch version 1.7.8 Release

File Manager UI improvments

File manager UI improvements: making each pageItemView widened.

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Small Sketch 1.6.8 Release, Get multi colors

SmallSketch Multi Colors Pen

From this version, Small Sketch supports multi colors pen.

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Small Sketch 1.4.6, Star Group Feature


Small Sketch version 1.4.6, adding star group feature

You can add star mark to a group. This star group is used as thumbnail image in the file manager. Until previous version, thumbnail image is whole sketch in the page, so that this behaviour is not convenient especially in large sketch case.

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Small Sketch 1.4.2, Pinning Feature


Finally I released Small Sketch version 1.4.2 update, adding pinning feature for file manager. Using pinning function, you can keep important sketches to the top.

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