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mbx2svg, A tool to convert MindBoard data into SVG

I created this converter mbx2svg for MindBoard / MindBoard 2019.

Currently stop subscription entry for MindBoard and MindBoard 2019 as temporary. Unless subscription users, it's impossible export your MindBoard data to PDF. I expect this tool help this issue.

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MindBoard 2019 version 1.6.6 Settings Improvements

I have been added some setting options:

Pen Thickness

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MindBoard 2 version 0.6.7 Release, Adding Group Resizing


At last, MindBoard 2 have got text, image and group resizing.

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MindBoard 2 Production Release


Finally MindBoard 2 Production was released. It has come a long way. This release does not reach version 1.0, but anyway I decide to release now.

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